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Congratulations to ISMAN young scientists on winning the UMNIK-2021 competition

On March 14th, 2022, the winners of regional competitions and UMNIK-NTI competitions were determined as part of the UMNIK program:

ISMAN graduate students became the winners in the Moscow region:

Antipov Mikhail Antipov Mikhail

Project “Development and production by SHS-extrusion method of ceramic long-length products based on titanium carbide with complex bond and their practical application”

Today, one of the urgent problems in the production of metal structures and machine parts is the intensive wear of metal-cutting tools. The aim of my project is to develop and obtain ceramic-metal materials based on titanium carbide with a complex binder by SHS-extrusion, to optimize technological modes of SHS-extrusion and to apply protective coatings on metal-cutting tools. The applied coatings on the metal-cutting tool will be able to extend the service life by 4-6 times.
Semenchuk Ilya Semenchuk Ilya

Project “Development of ultra-hard cutting inserts from ceramic composites by electrothermal explosion under pressure”

The purpose of the project is to produce ultra-refractory and ultra-hard ceramic composites based on carbides of metals of groups IV and V of the periodic system with an ultradisperse microstructure by the energy-saving ETE method under pressure. The resulting composites will be used as cutting plates in the metalworking industry. The use of such plates will allow the cutting tool to be used under heavy loads, including extreme ones, when processing high-hard steels and alloys.