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On January 21st, Russia celebrates Postgraduate Student Day

On January 21, Russia celebrates Postgraduate Student Day. This day is associated with a historical event in 1925, when the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR begun to regulate the system for training scientists.

Postgraduate education is an important and well recognized part of personal and professional development. This is the first step of a scientific career, which lays the groundwork for the assimilation of scientific knowledge, providing the means to train future scientists, while, at the same time, promoting general scientific literacy within the scientific community.

As of now, 19 postgraduate students are studying at ISMAN under the Physics and Astronomy Program (03.06.01) that includes the subfields of chemical physics, combustion and explosion, and the physics of extreme states of matter. It may be noted that this is more than we have ever had in the history of ISMAN.

At present, all postgraduate students are successfully mastering this program of education and training, which includes preparing for and passing of candidate examinations in the specialized discipline of physics, English language, and philosophy, as well as, conducting research activities under the guidance of leading specialists of the Institute.

The interim postgraduate student certification is timed to coincide with the International Postgraduate Student Day which will be held on January 20. All postgraduate students will attend and make presentations showing the results of their research during the 2021-2022 winter term.