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Laboratory for Fundamentals of SHS Processes
Head of Laboratory Prof. I. P. Borovinskaya

Basic Published Works

  • Merzhanov A.G., Borovinskaya I.P. Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis of inorganic compounds. Dokl.Akad. Nauk SSSR, 1972,vol.204, no.2,pp.366-369.
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  • Borovinskaya I.P. Chemical base of SHS-products technology. In: Samorasprostranyayushchiisya Vysokotemperaturnyi Sintez (Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis) Ed. Yu. M. Maksimov. Tomsk : Izd. Tomsk Univ., 1991, pp.33-35.
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  • Borovinskaya I.P. Main results in SHS method using for new technical materials production. Mashinostroitel’ , 1995, no.3, pp.26.

Recent Published Works (1998-99)

  • I.P. Borovinskaya, T.V. Barinova, V.I. Ratnikov, V.V. Zakorzhevsky, and T.I. Ignatjeva, “Consolidation of Radioactive Wastes into Mineral-like Materials by the SHS Method”, Int. J. SHS, vol.7,no.1, pp.129-135, 1998.
  • I.P. Borovinskaya and K.L.Smirnov, “Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis of SiALON ceramics”, Nauka proizvodstvu, no. 8(10), pp. 39-45, 1998.
  • I.P. Borovinskaya and A.N. Pityulin, “Production of Metal-Ceramic FGM with High Resistance to Impact”, Abstracts of FGM’98, October 26-29,1998, Institute of Materials Research, New Town Hall, Dresden, p.61, 1998.
  • V.V. Grachev and T.P. Ivleva, “Combustion Modes in Gas-Solid Systems”, Int. J. SHS, vol.7,no.1, pp.1-19, 1998.
  • V.V. Zakorzhevski and I.P. Borovinskaya, “Regularities of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis of AlN at Low Nitrogen Pressures”, Int. J. SHS, vol.7,no.2, pp.199-208, 1998.
  • E.A. Levashov, I.P. Borovinskaya, A.S. Rogachev, M. Ohyanagi, S.Hosomi, and
  • A.G. Merzhanov, I.P. Borovinskaya, and V.I. Uvarov ,“Ceramic SHS Filters with Graded Porosity”, Abstracts of FGM’98, October 26-29,1998, Institute of Materials Research, New Town Hall, Dresden, pp.150-151, 1998.
  • A.G. Merzhanov, I.P. Borovinskaya, V.K. Prokudina, N.S. Pesotskaya, and M.A. Nasonova, “SHS abrasives: production, properties, application”, Nauka proizvodstvu, no. (1) 3, pp. 36-44, 1998.
  • K.L. Smirnov and I.P. Borovinskaya, “Investigation of properties of SiALON-based ceramic composites produced by SHS method”, Proceed. of XV R&D Conference. Obninsk, September 15-18, 1998, pp. 31-32.
  • K.L. Smirnov, “Prof. E. Miyamoto’s Research in SHS advanced ceramic materials”, In: Zarubezhye Shkoly SVS, ed. A.M. Stolin, ISMAN, Chernogolovka, 1998, pp. 62-71.
  • A.G. Merzhanov, I.P. Borovinskaya, and V.I. Uvarov ,“Ceramic SHS Filters with Graded Porosity”, Proceed. of 5 International Symposium on Functionally Graded Materials-1998, October 26-29,1998, Institute of Materials Research, Porz-Wahnhaide, Linder Hohe, Koln, 1999.
  • I.P. Borovinskaya and K.L. Smirnov, “ Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis of SiALON-based ceramic composites”, Ogneupory i tekhnicheskaya keramika, no. 3, pp.15-18, 1999.
  • I.P. Borovinskaya, V.A. Bunin, G.A. Vishnyakova, and A.V. Karpov, “Peculiarities of Synthesis and Properties of SHS Ceramic Materials based on Titanium Diboride with Boron and Aluminum Nitrides”, Int. J of SHS, in press.
  • V.V. Grachev and T.P. Ivleva, “Two-dimensional Modes of Filtration Combustion”, Fizika goreniya i vzryva, in press.
  • V.V. Zakorzhevski, S,Yu. Sharivker, I.P. Borovinskaya, T.I. Ignatieva, and N.V. Skachkova, “The Specific Features of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis in the AlN–Y2O3 System and Some properties of the Final Products”, Int. J. of SHS, in press.
  • M.P. Filonov, E.A. Levashov, A.N. Shulzhenko, I.P. Borovinskaya, and V.A. Bunin, “Industrial application of SHS refractory materials”, Int. J. of SHS, in press.

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