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Professor Inna P. Borovinskaya


  Was born on the 20th of August in 1934 in Podolsk, Moscow Region. In 1957 she graduated from Uralski Polytechnic Institute in Sverdlovsk, received Cand. Sci. Degree in 1972 and Dr. Sci. Degree in 1989. She started her professional carrier in a small town in the suburbs of Sverdlovsk. In 1961 she moved to Chernogolovka and began to work in the Branch of Institute of Chemical Physics, first, on the problems of fluorine organic compounds synthesis, then, from 1966 studied the chemistry of condensed systems combustion. Since 1980 she has been the head of the laboratory of SHS processes. In 1987 together with the group headed by A.G. Merzhanov she started working in the newly established Institute on Structural Macrokinetics. The laboratory headed by I.P. Borovinskaya was transformed into the SHS Research Center, a set of new laboratories were established.

  Prof. I.P. Borovinskaya is the author of above 200 scientific works and the holder of above 100
patents.She is also the author (co-authors are A.G. Merzhanov and V.M. Shkiro) of thescientific discovery «The phenomenon of wave localization of auto-inhibited solid phase reactions» ( «The Phenomenon of Solid Flame», State Register of Scientific Discoveries in the USSR, 1984).

  I.P. Borovinskaya is interested in chemistry and experimental diagnostics of mechanisms of SHS processes, material science and technology of SHS products, development of advanced inorganic materials. Basic results on combustion mechanism of metals in nitrogen, fundamental regularities in filtration combustion of porous solids in reactive gas, synthesis of nitrides (including new compounds and phases), new displays of unstable combustion, for example, front auto-oscillation and spin waves, chemical routes of SHS reactions, development of SHS technologies of simple and composite refractory substances, production of nitride ceramics in SHS gas-static plants, forced SHS densification of hard alloys, etc. belong to I. P. Borovinskaya and her co-authors. Some of her results were realized in an industrial scale in Russia and abroad.

  Prof. I.P. Borovinskaya is the head of a section of the Academic Council of ISMAN, the vice-president of the Scientific Council on theory and practice of SHS processes of the Ministry of Science and Technologies of Russian Federation, a member of a few Scientific Councils and editorial boards of journals. She is a honorary professor of Uralski Polytechnic Institute (1993) and Harbin Institute of Technology (1995), National Prize laureate of Armenia and Russian Federation (1996) and was awarded a honorary medal “For the discovery of SHS and great contribution in fundamentals, chemistry and technology of SHS” at the IV International Symposium on SHS (Toledo, Spain). 16 Candidate dissertations were defended under her guidance and 8 students of I.P. Borovinskaya became doctors of science.

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