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Laboratory for Fundamentals of SHS Processes
Head of Laboratory Prof. I. P. Borovinskaya

Projects in Russia

  • RFBR Project “Formation of high-dense structures of refractory inorganic compounds at combustion of exothermic reactive mixtures under the conditions of gas-static compression”.
  • Project “Integratsiya”: UNC on the problems of “Physical Condensed Systems, Materials Science and Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis” (Synthesis of systems of boron carbon-nitride and other nitrides by SHS method).
  • Economic contracts:
    • 1) Development of heat-conducting materials based on SHS aluminum nitride and items made of them.
    • 2) Production of ceramic material based on boron nitride and items made of it.
    • 3) Improvement of the technology for producing SHS aluminum nitride and production of it in a pilot scale.
    • 4) Development of the technology for producing ceramic material applied in thermoelectric transformers and items made of it.

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