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Laboratory for Fundamentals of SHS Processes
Head of Laboratory Prof. I. P. Borovinskaya

Experimental facilities

  • Computerized plant for studying combustion
  • Laboratory SHS reactors of 1, 1.5 and 2-liter capacity
  • Technological SHS reactors of 30-liter capacity
  • Research 30-liter SHS reactor with thermocouples
  • SHS gas-static reactors with pressure up to 3000atm and a compressor system
  • SHS gas-static reactor joint with a press
  • SHS gas-static reactor of high capacity (nearly 30 liters)
  • SHS presses with force of 160,…,400, 2000 tons and a set of molds (1600kH, 4000kH, 20000kH)
  • Plant for closed rolling SHS products (Rotor-500)
  • Reactor for oxide enriching semi-products
  • Vacuum furnaces for thermal explosion and sintering
  • High pressure plant of Bredzhmen–Vereshchagin type
  • SHS gas static reactor (4L) with heating up to 2000C
  • Equipment for grinding (made in Germany by ALPINE company)
  • Equipment made by “Neutch” company
  • Rolling mill for powder grinding

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