ProgramInternational Conference on Combustion and detonation, ZEL'DOVICH MEMORIAL - II, August 30-September 3, 2004

Monday, August 30, 2004
10.0010.30   Opening ceremony [Lecture Hall 1]
Co-chairmen: B.Haynes, N.Kidin
PL01 10.3011.20  A.G. Merzhanov. Ya. B. Zeldovich fundamental contribution to combustion and detonation theory.
11.2011.40  Coffee-break
PL02 11.4012.20 G.I. Barenblatt. Incomplete similarity: from combustion to turbulence.
PL03 12.2013.00  B.S. Haynes, K. Sendt. Mechanism of carbon oxidation and gasification.
13.0014.00  Lunch
Session 1  (Lecture Hall 1) Thermal Explosion, Ignition
Co-chairmen: D.Meinkoehn, E.Rumanov
OP01 14.0014.25 D. Meinkoehn. Metal particle ignition and oxide layer instability.
OP02 14.2514.50  A.D. Margolin. Local ignition of anisotropic bodies by a heat flow.
OP03 14.5015.15  E.N. Rumanov. Theory of thermal explosion. New ideas and results.
OP04 15.1515.40 V.A. Sobolev. Critical conditions for self-ignition in systems with lumped and distributed parameters.
15.4015.55  Coffee-break
OP05 15.5516.20  K.G. Shkadinsky, N.I. Ozerkovskaya,A.G. Merzhanov. Dynamics of thermal explosion in porous mediagas reagentsolid product systems.
OP06 16.2016.45  A.N. Baratov. The influence of free convection on flammability limit.
OP07 16.4517.10  S.M. Frolov. Ignition and combustion of hydrocarbon fuel drops.
OP08 17.1017.35  A.G. Knyazeva. Application of combustion theory to simulation of technology processes.
OP09 17.3518.00  A.Yu. Krainov, E.R. Shrager. Flame propagation over non-uniformly methane coal air suspension.
Session 2  (Lecture Hall 2)  Kinetics, Ecology
Co-chairmen: V.Azatyan, A.Konnov
OP10 14.0014.25  V.V. Azatyan. Chemical control of gas-phase processes of explosion and detonation.
OP11 14.2514.50  A.A. Mantashyan. The use of slow combustion of hydrocarbon fuels for homogeneous and heterogeneous chemical conversion. Kinetic features.
OP12 14.5015.15  Z.A. Mansurov. Low temperature cool sooting flames of hydrocarbons. 
OP13 15.1515.40  P.A. Tesner, V.G. Knorre. Soot formation during isothermal pyrolysis and under acetylene detonation.
15.4015.55  Coffee-break
OP14 15.5516.20  S.S. Novikov. Ecological problems of combustion and explosions in Ya.B. Zeldovich investigations.
OP15 16.2016.45  I.K. Krasyuk, P.P. Pashinin, A.Yu. Semenov, V.E. Fortov. Spallation phenomena at high strain rates caused by a laser-induced shock wave.
OP16 16.4517.10  H.-N. Presles, D. Desbordes. Non-ideal behaviour of multi-headed self-sustained gaseous detonation.
OP17 17.1017.35  A.A. Konnov. The relative importance of different routes forming NO in flames.
OP18 17.3518.00  O.P.Korobeinichev, V.M. Shvartsberg, A.G. Shmakov, D.A. Knyazkov, I.V. Rybitskaya, T.M. Jayaweera, C.F. Melius, W.J. Pitz, C.K. Westbrook, H. Curran. Flame inhibition by phosphorus-containing compounds in lean and rich CH4 and C3H8 flames.
Session 3   (Lecture Hall 3) Workshop.Combustion of nano-aluminium.
Chairman: I.Gokalp

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

 Lectures (Lecture Hall 1)
Co-chairmen: S. Losev, A.Sakurai
PL04 9.3010.10  V.E. Fortov. Strong shock and detonation waves for study of extreme states of matter.
PL05 10.1010.50  R.N. Keeler. Zel'dovich, Kolmogorov, Sakharov and Al'tshuler Western views of Russian accomplishments.
10.5011.05  Coffee-break
PL06 11.0511.45  G.G. Chernyi. Initiation and propagation of detonation waves in unconfined space.
PL07 11.4512.25  A. Kuhl. Thermodynamics and gasdynamics of combustion in a confined explosion.
PL08 12.2513.05  A. Sakurai, K. Nakamitsu. A weak solution of point source blast wave problem.
13.0514.00  Lunch
Session 4  (Lecture Hall 1) Explosion, Detonation, Extreme States, Shock Waves 
Co-chairmen: G.Kanel, A.Kuhl
OP19 14.0014.25  V.A. Levin. Propagation of detonation waves in electric and magnetic fields.
OP20 14.2514.50  A.A. Vasilev. State-of-the-art of initiation problem and ways of its optimization.
OP21 14.5015.15  N.M. Kuznetsov. Nonideal detonation of condensed explosives: the large diameter asymptotic.
OP22 15.1515.40  S. Takahashi. Existence theorem for the point source blast wave equation
15.4015.55  Coffee-break
OP23 15.5516.20  R.Sorin, R.Zitoun , D.Desbordes, B.A.Khasainov. Detonation transmission through a sudden increase of tube diameter.
OP24 16.2016.45  R.N. Keeler. "Can the Chapman-Jouguet hypothesis be verified directly?"
OP25 16.4517.10  N.N. Smirnov. Deflagration to detonation transition in gases: Scenario and models. 
OP26 17.1017.35  S.A. Losev, M.Yu. Pogosbekian, E.V. Kustova, E.A. Nagnibeda. The level description of physical and chemical processes in strong shock waves.
OP27 17.3518.00  V.S. Trofimov. Synthesis of V.A. Michelson and Ya. B. Zeldovich theories.
Session 5  (Lecture Hall 2) Workshop.Energy concentration in combustion waves.
Chairman: V.Babkin
W2-1 14.0014.20  T.P. Ivleva, A.G.Merzhanov. Mathematical simulation of three -dimensional unstable solid-flame combustion.
W2-2 14.2014.40  V.N. Marshakov, A.G. Istratov. Wave structure of solid-propellant combustion front.
W2-3 14.4015.00  B.V. Novozhilov. Chaotic combustion of solid propellants.
W2-4 15.00-15.20  U.I. Goldshleger, S.D. Amosov. On the nature of combustion spin waves.
W2-5 15.20-15.40  A.S. Noskov, N.A. Chumakova, V.A. Chumachenko, A.N. Zagoruiko. Phenomenon of heat wave propagation and catalytic processes performance.
15.4016.00  Coffee-break
W2-6 16.00-16.20  N.A. Chumakova, O.P. Klenov, V.I. Drobyshevich, P.G. Tsyrulnikov, E.V. Sazhenkova, L.V. Yausheva, A.S. Noskov. High temperature heat production under catalytic oxidation of lean methane-air mixtures.
W2-7 16.20-16.40  S.V. Glazov, G.S. Yakovleva, A.V. Timofeev, G.B. Manelis. Filtration Combustion of Graphite: Experimental.
W2-8 16.40-17.00  E.A. Salgansky, E.V. Polianczyk, G.B. Manelis. Modeling of the filtration combustion of carbon.
W2-9 17.00-17.20  Wierzba, L. B. Younis. Modeling the catalytic oxidation of methane-air mixtures within a packed bed reactor.
W2-10 17.20-17.40  A. Aldushin. Superadiabatic effect in combustion.
W2-11 17.40-18.00  J. Ahn, J. Kuo, C. Eastwood, P. D. Ronney. Excess enthalpy combustion for microscale power generation.
18.00-19.00 Round Table. Future of the combustion theory.
Chairman: G.Barenblatt
Session 6  (Lecture Hall 3) Workshop.Combustion of nano-aluminium.
Chairman: I.Gokalp

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Lectures (Lecture Hall 1)
Co-chairmen: A.Aldushin, J.Vantelon
PL09 9.3010.10  S.S. Cardoso, A.N. Hayhurst, P.C. Kan, K.K. Savjani. The effect of natural convection on the gas-phase Salnikov reaction P -> A-> B in a cooled and closed spherical vessel.
PL10 10.1010.50  G.I. Kanel, V.E. Fortov. Shock waves in the physics of condensed matter.
10.5011.05  Coffee-break
PL11 11.0511.45  E.M. Bazelyan, Yu.P. Raizer. Destructive lightning discharge and remarkable analogy of electrical process with nonlinear thermal wave of nuclear explosion.
PL12 11.4512.25  R.P. Lindstedt. High temperature pathways to poly-aromatic hydrocarbons.
PL13 12.2513.05  J.P. Vantelon.  Determination of the characteristics of the thin-layer boilover.
13.0514.00  Lunch
Session 7  (Lecture Hall 1) Variety.
Co-chairmen: A.Borisov, S.Wojcicki
OP28 14.0014.25  S. Wojcicki, V.P. Korobeinikov, I.V. Semenov, V.V. Markov. Energodynamic analysis of an electrochemical pulse detonation engine: A case study of an autocyclomaton.
OP29 14.2514.50  V.A. Benderskii. Contribution by Ya.B. Zeldovich to quantum mechanics.
OP30 14.5015.15  A.Yu. Starikovskii. Plasma supported combustion.
OP31 15.1515.40   A.A. Borisov, K.Ya. Troshin, P.A. Vlasov,I.V. Bilera, Yu.A. Kolbanovskii. The study of the gas-phase methane conversion into synthesis gas. The role of carbon microheterogeneous particle formation.
OP32 15.4016.05  S.T. Surzhikov. Nonequilibrium radiation of strong shock waves for aerospace applications.
Session 8  (Lecture Hall 2) Fires
Co-chairmen: I.Bolodian, S.Yakush
OP33 14.0014.25  G.M.Makhviladze, S.E. Yakush. Accidental fuel releases into the atmosphere.
OP34 14.2514.50  I.A. Bolodian, A.V. Karpov. Convective flows of combustion products in full-scaled fires in tunnels.
OP35 14.5015.15  V.B. Novozhilov. Flame suppression.
OP36 15.1515.40  S.S. Rybanin. Flame spread above combustible material surface in an opposite oxidizing flow.
OP37 15.4016.05  A.N. Zolotko, Ya.I. Vovchuk, V.G. Shevchuk, N.I. Poletaev. Ignition and combustion of dispersed heterogeneous systems.
Session 9  Lecture Hall 3) Workshop.Energy concentration in combustion waves.
Chairman: V.Babkin
W2-12 14.00-14.20  S.S. Rybanin. Superadiabatic burning waves in acroheterogeneous systems.
W2-13 14.20-14.40  V.S. Babkin. Thermally thin system for study surface diffusion flames with energy excess.
W2-14 14.40-15.00  A.M. Bartenev, B.E.Gelfand. Initiation of combustion phenomena by shock waves focusing in reactive media.
W2-15 15.00-15.20  D.V. Strunin. Phenomenological approach to unstable detonation and solid-phase combustion: 3D spinning waves.
W2-16 15.20-15.40  A.V. Becker, E.V. Polianczyk. Non-unequeness of stationary modes of filtration combustion.
W2-17 15.40-16.00  I.A.Filimonov,N.I. Kidin. Thermal effect of an external electric field on high-temperature combustion synthesis.

Thursday, September 2, 2004

Lectures  (Lecture Hall 1)
Co-chairmen: A.Lipanov, G.Manelis
PL14 9.3010.10  R.I. Nigmatulin Nanoscale bubble thermonuclear fusion in acoustically cavitated deutorated liquid .
PL15 10.1010.50  A.L. Mikhailov. Explosion initiation and evolution in condensed high explosives under external stimulation. Modern experimental approaches and results.
10.5011.05  Coffee-break
PL16 11.0511.45  A.M. Lipanov, V.I. Kodolov, G.A. Korabliov, N.V. Khohriakov. Numerical simulation of physical and chemical processes in the heated layer during combustion of solid rocket propellant.
PL17 11.4512.25  G.B. Manelis. Self-ignition and combustion of heterogeneous systems. Superadiabatic modes.
PL18 12.2513.05  A. Gany. Energy and thermodynamic aspects of boron-containing solid fuel combustion.
13.0514.00  Lunch
Session 10  (Lecture Hall 1) Solid Propellants, Filtration Combustion, SHS
Co-chairmen: L.DeLuca, Yu.Gordopolov
OP38 14.0014.25  L.T. DeLuca. Ballistic properties of Dual-Oxidizer solid rocket propellants.
OP39 14.2514.50  O.S. Rabinovich, P.S. Grinchuk. Percolation effects during heterogeneous mixtures burning with random distribution of fuel.
OP40 14.5015.15  V.E. Zarko, L. K. Gusachenko, A.D. Rychkov. Numerical modeling non-stationary combustion of evaporated energetic materials.
OP41 15.1515.40  I.G. Assovsky. Development of of Zeldovich ideas in interior ballistics.
15.4015.55  Coffee-break
OP42 15.5516.20  Yu.A. Gordopolov. Search for gasless detonations.
OP43 16.2016.45  A.S. Rogachev. Discrete waves of gasless combustion in heterogeneous media.
OP44 16.4517.10  V.V. Grachev. Filtration combustion of gas-solid systems under the high pressures.
OP45 17.1017.35  E.A. Shchepakhina. Modeling of critical phenomena in multiphase and multitemperature combustion models.
OP46 17.3518.00  Yu.M. Maksimov, A.I. Kirdiashkin. Hydrodynamics phenomena of gasless combustion processes.
Session 11  (Lecture Hall 2) Laminar Flames, Hydrodynamics 
Co-chairmen: A.Istratov, G.Searby
OP47 14.0014.25  M. Abid, J.B. Liu, P.D. Ronney, P.M. Struk, K.J. Weiland. Structure of flame balls at low Lewis-number (sofball) experiment.
OP48 14.2514.50   V.V. Adushkin, V.E. Fortov, Yu.A. Gostintsev, A.G. Istratov, V.P. Karpov, N.I. Kidin, Yu.V. Shatskikh. Spherical gaseous flames. Propagation and transition to detonation.
OP49 14.5015.15  A.G. Istratov, A.V. Fedorov, N.I. Kidin. Hydrodynamic phenomena during combustion of gaseous flame.
OP50 15.1515.40  G.I. Ksandopulo. Stage effect on flame front structure as a response to variation of initial temperature of combustion mixtures.
15.4015.55  Coffee-break
Session 12  (Lecture Hall 2)   Turbulent Combustion, Singularities
Co-chairmen: J.Bell, A.Klimov
OP51 15.5516.20  A.M. Klimov. Physics of turbulent flames.
OP52 16.2016.45  G. Searby. Experimental studies of instabilities of laminar premixed flames.
OP53 16.4517.10  J. Bell. Adaptive low-Mach-number simulation of turbulent combustion.
OP54 17.1017.35  A.Yu. Dovzhenko, I.E. Rumanov, E.N. Rumanov. Non-stationary combustion waves.
Session 13  (Lecture Hall 3)  Heterogeneous Systems.
Co-chairmen: V.Gremyachkin, K.Shkadinsky
OP55 14.00-14.25  A.V. Fedorov, V.M. Fomin. Modeling of detonation flows in reactive mixtures.
OP56 14.25-14.50  V.M. Gremyachkin. The combustion of a porous carbon particles in oxygen.
OP57 14.50-15.15  P.M. Krishenik, K.G. Shkadinsky. Stability of thermal front with heat conductivity  by dependent from temperature.
OP58 15.15-15.40  A.S. Shteinberg. Macrokinetics research on high-temperture super-fast reactions in condensed energy-intensive systems.
15.40-15.55  Coffee-break
Session 14  (Lecture Hall 3)  Workshop.Energy concentration in combustion waves.
Chairman: V.Babkin
W2-18 16.00-16.20  A.A. Korzhavin, V.A. Bunev,V.S. Babkin,D. Bradley. Lewis numbers effects under gas combustion in narrow channels and porous media.
W2-19 16.20-16.40  Yu. M. Maksimov,B.Sh. Braverman. Concentration of thermal energy in filtration combustion of powders of metals.
W2-20 16.40-17.00  V.V. Zamashchikov, I.G. Namyatov, V.A. Bunev,V.S. Babkin. On the nature of superadiabatic temperatures in premixed rich hydrocarbon flames.
17.00-18.00  Discussion

Friday, September 3, 2004

Lectures  (Lecture Hall 1)
Co-chairmen: O.Galder, T.Hirano
PL19 9.3010.10  O.L. Gulder. Properties of turbulent premixed flame surfaces
PL20 10.1010.50  S.S. Gershtein.  Ya.B. Zeldovich and modern physics of particles.
10.5011.05  Coffee-break
PL21 11.0511.45  I. Gokalp. Flame front analysis of high-pressure turbulent lean premixed methane-air flames.
PL22 11.4512.25  T. Hirano. Theories of flame spread: A critical review.
PL23 12.2513.05  Ph. Colella. High-resolution and adaptive algorithms for partial differential equations with constraints
13.0514.00  Lunch
14.00-15.00  Discussion and Closing Ceremony.
15.00-16.00  Farewell Party.

Poster presentations.

PP1- Monday, August 30, 2004

PP1.01 V.V. Burkin, R.S. Burkina, A.M. Timokhin. Ignition of the condensed substances by powerful electroplasma influence.

PP1.02 V.M. Gremyachkin, V.A. Dudkin, V.B. Rukhin. Ignition and combustion of the carbonized particles in air.

PP1.03 G. N. Gorelov. The asymptotic analysis of critical conditions of self-ignition for distributed models.

PP1.04 E.V. Kitaeva. Numerical modeling of the critical conditions of the thermal explosion in the case of first order reaction.

PP1.05 N.G. Samoilenko, B.L. Korsounskii, E.A. Gracheva, A.O. Ilchenko, A.N. Suvorov. Kinetic simulation of exothermal autocatalytic reaction in CSTR.

PP1.06 V.A. Pinchuk, P.S. Socratilin, A.V. Vitkowa. The control channel of exothermic reactions' potential activation barrier in combustion.

PP1.07 N.I. Vaganova, O.D. Vaganova, E.N. Rumanov. Exothermic reactor: Critical fluctuations and self-oscillations.

PP1.08 B.S. Seplyarskii, S.V. Kostin, T.P. Ivleva. Analysis of ignition of a hybrid gaseous suspension with a spark discharge.

PP1.09 I.Ya. Sheinman. Numerical simulation of thermal explosion development in storage of reactive liquids.

PP1.10 V.P. Zhukov, D.L. Tsyganov, V.A. Sechenov, A.Yu. Starikovskii. Hydrocarbon-air mixtures ignition at high pressures.

PP1.11 E.N. Kukaev, S.M. Starikovskaia, A.Yu. Starikovskii.Ignition air-fuel mixtures at low temperatures by nanosecond high-voltage nanosecond discharge.

PP1.12 E.I. Mintoussov, S.V. Pancheshnyi, A.Yu. Starikovskii. Premixed flame control by nanosecond pulsed barrier discharge.

PP1.13 J.I. Vovchuk, N.I. Poletaev, ..Yarovoy, .N. Zolotko. Ignition of hybride systems "Coal - methane - air".

PP2 - Monday, August 30, 2004

PP2.01 N.A. Gurevich. On existence of the lower limit NOx formation in premixed flames.

PP2.02 A.A. Mantashyan, E.R. Markaryan. Simulation of the process of methane slow combustion in the presence of propane additions.

PP2.03 S.S. Novikov, N.F. Pjatakov, O.P. Rysakova-Romashkan, I.B. Vjunova. Study of linear and cyclic polynitramines' combustion.

PP2.04 O.P. Korobeinichev, A.A. Paletsky, A.G. Tereshchenko, E.N. Volkov, P.D. Polyakov. Molecular beam mass spectrometry as perspective method for diagnostics of flames of condensed systems.

PP2.05 A.A. Vostrikov, D.Yu. Dubov, S.A. Psarov, M.Ya. Sokol. Oxidation of coal particle in supercritical water.

PP2.06 A.A. Vostrikov, S.A. Psarov, D.Yu. Dubov. A explosive oxidation of hydrocarbons in supercritical water.

PP2.07 A. Yegorov, L. Minkov. Spark ignition of Al-air flow.

PP2.08 M. Lackner, S. Charareh, F. Winter, K F. Iskra, T. Neger, H. Kopecek, E. Wintner. Schlieren photography of the early H2 flame kernel development in laser ignition.

PP2.09 G.A. Karim. A detailed chemical kinetic analysis of the oxidation of rich mixtures of methane and the production of super adiabatic temperaturs.

PP2.10 M. Avetisyan, A.A. Mantashyan, E.M. Makaryan. Simulation of the methane slow combustion process in the presence of sulphur dioxide SO2.

PP2.11 M.N. Abdikarimov. Pyrolysis processes of PMMA at combustion.

PP2.12 M.N. Abdikarimov. The influence of different additives on the combustion of water-dispersive polyvinylacetate paints.

PP2.13 O.S. Dipeolu. Atomsperhic combustion and the effect of the surrounding. Combustion and its internal effect to human.

PP2.14 M.N.Abdikarimov. Analysis of pyrolysis of water-dispersive polyvinylacetate paints at combustion.

PP2.15 M.N.Abdikarimov. Ingibation of combustion and development of foaming fire retardant coatings on the basis of epoxy resin ed-20.

PP2.16 M.N.Abdikarimov. Linear pyrolysis and combustion of polyamid-6.

PP4 - Tuesday, August 31, 2004

PP4.01 T.A. Khmel, A.V. Fedorov. Numerical investigation of cellular structures of heterogeneous detonation in monodisperse gas suspension.

PP4.02 V.V. Evstigneev, V.Y. Filimonov, V.I. Yakovlev. The determination of impulse-velocity characteristics of a heterogeneous flow in the process of detonation-gas spraying.

PP4.03 V.V. Golub, V.V. Volodin, T.V. Bazhenova, D.I. Baklanov, S.V. Golovastov, D.V. Lisin. Detonation formation with separate reagents injection.

PP4.04 A. Kaltayev, D.I. Baklanov, L.G. Gvozdeva, N.B. Scherbak. New method of calculation of deflagration - detonation transition in detonation tubes.

PP4.05 V.V. Garnov, B.D. Khristoforov. Research of transfer of a detonation at large - scale ground explosions of trotyl.

PP4.06 A.K. Kopeyka, V.V. Golovko, A.N. Zolotko. The thermal mechanism of breach of stability combustion of liquid explosives.

PP4.07 S.V. Koulikov, G.B. Manelis, Yu. P. Miagkov. Influence of small additives of X on detonation threshold of a mixture of 2, 2 and e in shock tube experiments.

PP4.08 O.V. Achasov, O.G. Penyazkov, K.L. Sevruk. Time-dependent dynamics of energy release in detonation structure.

PP4.09 P.N. Krivosheev, O.G.Penyazkov, S.A. Zhdanok. Studies of propagation mechanism of quasi-detonations in porous media near the limits.

PP4.10 A.V. Pinaev, I.I. Kotchetkov. About the most important features of the bubble detonation.

PP4.11 M.P. Predtechensky. Finite-mass explosion in a finite density gas with back-pressure.

PP4.12 N.M. Rubtsov. On the influence of chemically active additives on the velocity of detonation wave in fuel-rich mixtures.

PP4.13 M.M. Rusakov, D.A. Pavlov. Influence of additives in FAM on a detonation in the SI engine.

PP4.14 K.K. Shvedov. New experimental confirmation of Zeldovich detonation theory.

PP4.15 A.V. Trotsyuk, A.N. Kudryavtsev, M.S. Ivanov. Numerical simulation of detonation waves in a supersonic steady flows.

PP4.16 A.V. Utkin, S.A. Kolesnikov, A.V. Ananin, and S.V. Pershin. Reaction zone structure for steady-state detonation of heterogeneous high explosives.

PP4.17 D.V. Voronin. On the detonation of chemically active bubble in an inert liquid.

PP4.18 V. Guilly, B. Khasainov, H.-N. Presles, D. Desbordes. Detonation diffraction of argon diluted acetylene/oxygen mixtures through conical junction.

PP4.19 A.L. Vereschagin. Detonation and the origin of the life.

PP4.20 M.E. Topchijan. Detonation and shock waves instability and energy balance.

PP8 - Wednesday, September 1, 2004

PP8.01 V.G. Efimov. Wavelet analysis of research results on combustion of samples and full-scale charges.

PP8.02 V. A. Perminov. A numerical study of forest fire initiation and spread.

PP8.03 Yu. N. Shebeko, I.A. Bolodian, V.L. Malkin, D.M. Gordienko, A.M. Mindlin. An experimental investigation of heavy gas dispersion from the safety relief tube near the ground.

PP8.04 Yu. N. Shebeko, I.A. Bolodian, V.N. Filippov, V.Yu. Navzenya. An investigation of protection of LPG tanks against explosions at a fire engulfment.

PP8.05 A.P. Zykov, S.E. Yakush, G.M. Makhviladze. Compartment fire modeling with fire CFD code.

PP8.06 P. Cisse, R. Bunama, G.A. Karim. The transient formation and decay of flammable zones due to convective mixing of fixed quantities of fuels into air within a vertical, open cylindrical enclosures.

PP10 - Thursday, September 2, 2004

PP10.01 V.V. Aleksandrov. Some results of the analysis and the mathematical simulation of the gasless combustion.

PP10.02 V.V. Aleksandrov. Some results of impulse calorimetry and other non-traditional methods in the investigations of the combustion of the solid component systems.

PP10.03 Yu.A. Zakharov, E.D. Aluker, B.P. Aduev, A.G. Krechetov. A model of heavy metal azide initiation with divacancy recharge.

PP10.04 N.M. Barashkov. Burning waves in anisopropic materials.

PP10.05 V. Fursov, V. Rafeev. Stationary regimes of carbon gasification in the adiabatic reactor of finite length.

PP10.06 O.K. Karlina, V.L. Klimov, G.Yu. Pavlova, G.A. Bergman, B.G. Trusov, A.Yu. Yurchenko. SHS Processing reactor graphite waste including fuel fragments: thermodynamic and experimental modeling.

PP10.07 B.B. Khina. Interaction kinetics in SHS: is the quasi-equilibrium solid-state diffusion model valid.

PP10.08 Yu.I. Kartashov, A.I. Koval, V.I. Mishin, Iu.G. Osipov, V.B. Ulybin. Application of a Self-Propagation High-Temperature Synthesis method for obtaining radioisotope-containing chemical compounds on example of substances with carbon C-14.

PP10.09 Yu.A. Zakharov, E.D. Aluker, B.P. Aduev, A.G. Krechetov, A.Yu. Mitrofanov. Space-time characteristics of pre-explosive luminescence of heavy metal azides.

PP10.10 A.N. Lukin. The spatial-periodic microstructures excitation at the energy condensed systems combustion.

PP10.11 K.S. Martirosyan, J.R. Claycomb, J.H. Miller, Jr and D. Luss. Electromagnetic field generation by different Combustion Modes.

PP10.12 P.I. Zubkov, G.N. Kulipanov, L.A. Lukyanchikov, L.A. Merzhievsky, E.R. Pruuel, K.A.Ten, V.M. Titov, B.P. Tolochko, M.G. Fedotov, M.R. Sharafutdinov, M.A. Sheromov, I.L. Jogin, V.V. Julanov, L.I. Shehtman, V.M.Aulchenko. The synchrotron radiation study of initiation of powder explosive.

PP10.13 A. Osherov, A. Gany. Analysis of response characteristics of solid propellant burning rate.

PP10.14 V.I. Ponomorev, D.Yu. Kovalev. Diagnostic of combustion by a method of time-resolved X-ray analysis.

PP10.15 N.I. Popok, .. Belousov. Influence of physics-chemical properties of polymers on burning rate of homogeneous nitroesters mixtures.

PP10.16 V.G. Prokofiev, V.K. Smolyakov. How phase transition influences combustion stability of heterogeneous systems with condensed products.

PP10.17 B.S. Seplyarskii, S.G. Vadchenko. The influence of the impurity gas release on the combustion regularities in the Ti-C System.

PP10.18 B.S. Seplyarskii. A convective-conductive model of combustion of gasless systems.

PP10.19 V.P. Sinditskii. Reason for heat instability of combustion of energetic material with condensed phase leading reaction.

PP10.20 S. M. Frolov, V. A. Smetanyuk. Mechanism of fuel drop Microexplosion.

PP10.21 S.N. Lyubyatinsky, B.V. Litvinov, B.G. Loboiko, V.P. Filin, O.V. Kostitsin, E.B. Smirnov. Reaction zones and propagation of detonation in solid high explosives.

PP10.22 V.M. Davidenko, Yu.I. Kartashov, A.I. Koval, Yu.G. Osipov, V.B. Ulybin, V.A. Yashin. The physical and chemical mechanism of synthesis of the complex superfirm nitrides under conditions of Self-Propagation High-Temperature Synthesis.

PP10.23 V.I. Yukhvid. Gravitational effects in combustion of heterogeneous systems.

PP10.24 S.A. Zelepugin, O.V. Ivanova, A.S. Zelepugin, S.S. Shpakov. High velocity interaction of long rod Projectile and a target with middle elastomer layer.

PP10.25 I.L. Zhogin, B.P. Tolochko, M.R. Sharafutdinov, V.V. Karasev, V.I. Ponomarev, V.E. Zarko. The high temperature profiles measurement on the combustion front by X-ray diffraction using synchrotron radiation.

PP10.26 V.G. Shevchuk, A.E. Sidorov, E.N. Kondratjev, L.V. Boichuk. Combustion of fine dispersed dusts.

PP10.27 A. Paplinskii Transient combustion approach in internal ballistic modelling.

PP10.28 G.T. Afanas'ev. Detonation limits similarity in solid explosives.

PP10.29 A. Maranda, W. Witkowski. Influence of double-base propellants on mining explosives parameters.

PP10.30 V.V. Evstigneev, V.Y. Filimonov, V.I. Yakovlev. The research of the critical conditions of a thermal explosion in heterogeneous powder mixture Ti-Al.

PP10.31 A.G. Knyazeva. Irreversible processes in the media with the large area of internal surfaces.

PP11 - Thursday, September 2, 2004

PP11.01 V.A. Arkhipov, S.S.Bondarchuk, D.A. Zimin. Setting and solution methods of inverse problem in combustion diagnostics.

PP11.02 A.S. Betev, V.P. Karpov. Pressure effects on off-stoichiometric high-curvature flames.

PP11.03 P.S. Grinchuk. Application of the Bose-Einstein statistics to the description of spray combustion: The role of random spatial distribution of fuel.

PP11.04 V.A. Arkhipov, O.V. Matvienko, V.F. Trofimov. Mathematical and experimental investigation of two-phase swirling flow combustion.

PP11.05 N.I. Poletaev, J.I. Vovchuk. Particularities of the laminar diffusion dust flames.

PP11.06 K.O. Sabdenov, A.V. Miroshnichenko. Specializing of the thermal-diffusion flame stability region using the modeling function for the chemical reaction rate.

PP11.07 V.P. Samsonov, I.V. Samsonova. Hysteresis phenomena in vortex flames.

PP11.08 V.V. Afanasyev, S.V. Ilyin, N.I Kidin. Investigation of soft and hard excitation of singing flame on a homogeneous mix.

PP11.09 V.V. Afanasyev, S.V. Ilyin, N.I. Kidin. Control at predetonation acceleration of a flame with the help of discharges.

PP11.10 V.V. Afanasyev, A.V. Lapin, N.I. Kidin. Control of burning rate in model of internal-combustion engine by electric discharges.

PP11.11 V.Ya. Basevich, A.A. Belyaev, S.M. Frolov. Laminar flame propagation in fuel drop suspensions.

PP12 - Thursday, September 2, 2004

PP12.01 V. Akkerman, V. Bychkov. Velocity of weakly turbulent flames of finite thickness.

PP12.02 V. Akkerman, V. Bychkov. Influence of external turbulence and the Darrieus-Landau instability of the flame velocity.

PP12.03 V.A. Pavlov, V.V. Azatyan, O.P Shatalov. Inhibition of ignition and deflagration to detonation transition of diluted hydrogen-oxygen mixtures on initiation of the combustion by shock wave.

PP12.04 Sadegh Tabe Jamaat, Mohammad Pezeshki. Numerical study of supersonic reacting flow in nozzle.

PP12.05 O. Golovanov, Yu. Gostintsev, B. Korsounskii. Parameters of the pressure wave emitted in the atmosphere with an unsteady turbulent spherically symmetric flame.

PP12.06 I.E. Rumanov. Autowave susceptibility.

PP12.07 K.O.Sabdenov, A.V. Miroshnichenko. Model of accelerating supersonic turbulent flame.

PP12.08 O.V. Sharypov, K.A. Medvedko. Instability of 2D flow structure of fuel film.

PP12.09 A. Yegorov, D. Pavlov, M. Rusakov, A. Shaikin. Ensuring working process in combustion chambers to be used in prospective propulsion units and power plants.

PP12.10 V. Sabelnikov, F. Grisch Investigation of instabilities and structure of turbulent premixed flame in a lean stepped combustor.

PP12.11 A. Paplinski, A. Maranda. Evaluation of nonstationary detonation in reactive gaseous suspension.

Workshop. Combustion of nano-aluminium.

  • G.I. Kozlov. Synthesis mechanism and growth rate of single-walled carbon nanotubes by a laser-ablation method.
  • V.I. Malinin, V.L. Rylov, I.S. Antipin. Mathematical model of aluminum powder air suspension combustion with regard of suboxide formation and after-burning in the additional air flow.
  • S.A. Rashkovsky. Ultra-fine aluminum combustion in composite solid propellants.
  • V.S. Sedoi. Production of nano-Al powders by the exploding wire method.
  • V.A. Arkhipov, V.S. Sedoi. Modeling of ultra-fine powders formation at electric explosion of wires.
  • V.E. Zarko, O.G. Glotov, V.N. Simonenko, A.B. Kiskin. Study of the combustion behavior of solid propellants containing ultra fine aluminum.
  • A. Vorozhtsov, M. Lerner, G. Pavlovets, V. Meleshko, S. Bondsarchuk, V. Arkhipov , L. DeLuca. Advanced Technologies of Controlled Manufacturing and the Use of Nanometals in High-Energy Materials (HEM) Formulation.
  • V. A. Babuk. Nanoaluminum, as a Component Solid Rocket Propellant.
  • M.N. Laritchev, I.O. Leipunsky, P.A. Pshechenkov, A.N. Jigatch, M.L. Kuskov, E.A. Shafranovsky. Study of oxidation of ultra fine particles of aluminum in air, O2, N2 and CO2.The possibility of low temperature burning of aluminum nanoparticles.
  • Yu. Frolov, A. Pivkina. Energetic nanomaterials and high-energy compositions.
  • L.T. DeLuca. Ballistic properties of nano-Al solid rocket propellants.
  • L. Galfetti. Physical characterization of nano-Al formulations.