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XV International Symposium on

Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis

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September, 16-20, 2019, Moscow, Russia

Brief description of the Symposium

International Symposia on Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis (International Symposia on SHS) have a 28-year history and are held every two years: USSR (Almaty, 1991), USA (Hawaii, 1993), China (Wuhan, 1995), Spain (Toledo, 1997), Russia (Moscow, 1999), Israel (Haifa, 2002), Poland (Krakow, 2003), Italy (Cagliari, 2005), France (Dijon, 2007), Armenia (Yerevan, 2009), Greece (Anavissos, 2011), USA (Texas, 2013), Turkey (Antalya, 2015), Georgia (Tbilisi, 2017). During the period of 1991-2011, the Chairman of the symposia was the founder of the SHS, the great scientist, academician A.G. Merzhanov.

Plenary lectures at the symposia are traditionally given by outstanding scientists from related fields of knowledge: V.E. Fortov (2009), T. Katsaros and J.-M. Muylaert (2011), S.Kyle (2013), I. Smurov (2015), D. Shehtman (2017). An important feature of the symposia is the interdisciplinary nature of the topics discussed.

The 15th International Symposium on SHS will be held in September 16-20, 2019 in Moscow at the National University of Science and Technology "MISiS" (NUST "MISiS") and dedicated to the blest memory of pioneers of SHS - Academician A.G. Merzhanov, Professor I.P. Borovinskaya, Professor V.M. Shkiro.


The results of the previous symposia can be found on the websites

XI International Symposium on SHS was held in Greece at September 5-9, 2011 (EDEN Beach Resort Hotel, Anavyssos, Attica, GREECE). The program and other materials of the Symposium are presented on the website

XII International Symposium on SHS was held in USA at October 21-24, 2013 (South Padre Island, TX, USA). The program of the Symposium is presented on the website:, abstracts book is presented on the website:, report about the Symposium - on the website:

XIII International Symposium on SHS was held in Turkey at October 12-15, 2015 (WOW Topkapi Palace, Antalya, Turkey). The program of the Symposium is presented on the website:

XIV International Symposium on SHS was held in Georgia at September 25-28, 2017 (Georgian National Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi, Georgia). The program is available on the website:


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