XII International Symposium
on Explosive Production of New Materials:
Science, Technology, Business, and Innovations



May 25-30, 2014 Cracow, Poland





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EPNM Symposia can be regarded as a continuation of the series of similar events organized in the 1970s–1980s in Czechoslovakia, which were very popular and greatly contributed to the science and technology of materials processing by explosion. The tradition was resumed only in 2006 with the VIII International Symposium on Application of Explosion to Preparation of New Materials held in Moscow, Russia.

The VIII Symposium gathered about 100 experts from 12 countries, including the manufacturers using explosive technologies. It has been decided to hold such forums every two years and to constitute a standing Organizing Committee on EPNM Symposia affiliated at the Institute of Structural Macrokinetics and Materials Science (ISMAN). http://www.ism.ac.ru/events/explosion-2006/index.htm

The IX Symposium, EPNM-2008, held in Lisse, the Netherlands in 2008 was attended by about 100 experts from 14 countries and clearly demonstrated that explosive processing of materials is headed upward: this technology turned out to be used by 90 industrial-scale manufacturers all over the world.

The X Symposium, EPNM-2010, held in Bechichi, Montenegro gathered about 90 participants from 11 countries. Despite some organizational difficulties caused by the global economic crisis, the Organizing Committee did its best in order to relocate the X EPNM Symposium from initially planned Bulgaria to Montenegro and then to hold it at a high professional level. http://www.ism.ac.ru/events/EPNM2010/first.php

The XI Symposium, EPNM-2012, was held in Strasbourg, France and it was the most successful and popular as compared to the previous ones. Above 100 participants came from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Bulgaria, Georgia, the United States, Japan, South Korea, China, and Algeria. Especially inspiring was the presence of numerous representatives of younger generation.

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