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The International Conference
Dedicated to the 50th Anniversary
of Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis (SHS-50) November 20 – 21, 2017, Chernogolovka, Russia

First Circular

 First Circular (153 Kb, updated on 5 Sep 2017)

Dear Colleagues,

The International Conference dedicated to the 50th anniversary of SHS (SHS-50) will be held in the Township of Chernogolovka, Moscow suburb, Russia, November 20–21, 2017.

The meeting will be organized by Institute of Structural Macrokinetics and Materials Science, Russian Academy of Sciences (ISMAN).

The technical program will include the presentations of leading Russian and foreign experts in the field of chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, mathematical modeling, process engineering, physical materials science, chemical engineering, and industrialization of SHS processes and products.

Thereby I invite you to attend the Conference.

The abstracts (in English or Russian, 1–2 pages A4, Times New Roman 12, one line spacing, 2.5 cm indent all around) should be sent before September 5, 2017.

Mikhail ALYMOV

The Organizing Committee

 The Organizing Committee (157 Kb, updated on 5 Sep 2017)

M.I. Alymov(Russia)
I.P. Borovinskaya(Russia)
International Advisory Board:
  • V.V. Azatyan(Russia)
  • S.M. Aldoshin(Russia)
  • A.P. Amosov(Russia)
  • А.А. Berlin(Russia)
  • V.V. Boldyrev(Russia)
  • V.A. Borolulya(Belarus)
  • V.M. Buznik(Russia)
  • А.L. Buchachenko(Russia)
  • E. Gutmanas(Israel)
  • O.V. Egorov(Russia)
  • V.E. Zarko(Russia)
  • E.N. Kablov(Russia)
  • G. Cao(Italy)
  • G. Xanthopoulou(Greece)
  • G.I. Ksandopulo(Kazakhstan)
  • M.I. Karpov(Russia)
  • E.A. Levashov(Russia)
  • L.I. Leont`ev(Russia)
  • J. Li(China)
  • J. Lis(Poland)
  • H.Z. Lyakhov(Russia)
  • Yu.M. Maximov(Russia)
  • Z.A. Mansurov(Kazakhstan)
  • K. Martirosyan(USA)
  • Yu.M. Mikhaylov(Russia)
  • I.I. Moiseev(Russia)
  • A.S. Mukasyan(USA)
  • B.F. Myasoedov(Russia)
  • J.-C. Niepce(France)
  • O. Odawara(Japan)
  • G.S. Oniashvili(Georgia)
  • N.N. Smirnov(Russia)
  • K.A. Solntsev(Russia)
  • G.F. Tavadze(Georgia)
  • V.E. Fortov(Russia)
  • Z.Y. Fu(China)
  • S.L. Kharatyan(Armenia)
  • A. Hayhurst(UK)
  • B.B. Khina(Belarus)
  • Yu.V. Tsvetkov(Russia)
  • A.Yu. Tsyvadze(Russia)
  • V.Ya. Shevchenko(Russia)
  • A. S. Shteinberg(USA)
  • О. Yücel(Turkey)
Local Organizing Committee
A.E. Sytschev(Russia)
Local Committee Members:
V.N. Sanin(Russia)
О.О. Likhanova(Russia)
Yu.A. Sapronov(Russia)
O.K. Kamynina(Russia)
O.V. Amelina(Russia)
Программный Комитет
V.N. Sanin(Russia)
Program Committee Members:

E.A. Levashov(Russia)
A.S. Mukasyan(USA)
A.S. Rogachev(Russia)
A.M. Stolin(Russia)
V.I. Yukhvid(Russia)
O.O. Likhanova(Russia)
Yu.B. Scheck(Russia)


 Sample (27 Kb, updated on 5 Sep 2017)

Scientific Program

 Time Table (249 Kb, updated on 16 Nov 2017)

 Conference Program (26 Kb, updated on 16 Nov 2017)

 Poster Session (166 Kb, updated on 15 Nov 2017)

 Proceedings (9.12 Mb, updated on 23 Nov 2017)



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