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International Conference on Synthesis and Consolidation of Powder Materials
October 23–26, 2018, Chernogolovka, Moscow, Russia


 Circular (296 Kb, updated on 15 Jun 2018)

Information Message

 Information Message (170 Kb, updated on 22 Mar 2018)

Dear Colleagues!
Merzhanov Institute of Structural Macrokinetics and Materials Science (ISMAN) is planning to organize the International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Synthesis and Consolidation of Powder Materials (SCPM-2018), October 23–26, 2018, Chernogolovka, Moscow, Russia

This new forum is planned as a place for establishing closer communication between experts from the adjacent areas of R & D that are oriented on the synthesis of powder materials by modern advanced methods (SHS, solution-combustion synthesis, mechanosynthesis, MW-assisted synthesis, synthesis in electromagnetic fields) and their consolidation by using advanced techniques (STIM process, spark plasma sintering, hot pressing, electric pulse machining, thermal explosion under pressure). The conference is planned to proceed in three sections:

  1. High-temperature synthesis of powders, including nano-powders
  2. Methods and mechanisms of sintering and hot pressing
  3. Advanced techniques for consolidation of materials in electromagnetic fields

Besides round-table discussions and poster session, we are also planning to organize the exhibition of products, samples, and IT materials.

Conference proceedings will be printed as a separate booklet.

Proceeding of the Conference will be published (with DOI).

Official languages − English and Russian.

Initiators (Pressure) Group: M.I. Alymov (Russia), F. Baras (France), E.G. Grigor’ev (Russia), E.A. Levashov (Russia), Yu.V. Levinskii (Russia), A.S. Mukasyan (USA), A.E. Olevsky (USA), A.S. Rogachev (Russia), V.V. Sanin (Russia), A.E. Sytschev (Russia)

International Advisory Committee, Local Organizing Committee, and Program Committee will be compiled depending on the submitted applications.

In your applications, please provide the name of presentation, full list of authors, and presentation type (oral or poster). Please send your applications to Alexander Rogachev at

Deadline for applications April 15, 2018

Detailed information concerning the conference will be available at

Looking forward to hear from you soon,
Pressure Group

Preliminary Conference Program

 Preliminary Conference Program (211 Kb, updated on 11 May 2018)

Information about Participants of the Conference

 Сведения об участниках Международной конференции «Синтез и консолидация порошковых материалов» (215 Kb, updated on 11 May 2018)