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ISMAN departments
ISMAN Departments
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  1. Lab. 1. Combustion of Dispersed Systems — Head Seplyarskii B.S., Ph.D.
  2. Lab. 2. Heterogeneous Chain Processes — Head Prokopenko V.M., Ph.D.
  3. Lab. 3. Catalytic Processes — Head Borshch V.N., Ph.D.
  4. Lab. 4. Nonlinear Processes — Head Krishenik P.M., Dr.Sci.
  5. Lab. 5. SHS Melts and Cast Materials — Head Yukhvid V.I., Dr.Sci., Professor
  6. Lab. 6. Shock-Driven Processes — Head Alymov M.I., Dr.Sci., Professor, Corresponding member of the RAS
  7. Lab. 7. Plastic Deformation Materials — Head Stolin A.M., Professor
  8. Lab. 8. Materials Science — Head Sytschev A.E., Ph.D.
  9. Lab. 9. Physical Stimulation of Physico-Chemical Processes — Head Shcherbakov V.A., Dr.Sci.
  10. Lab. 10. Chemical Analysis — Head Barinova T.V., Ph.D.
  11. Lab. 12. Macrokinetics of SHS in Reactors — Head Grachev V.V., Ph.D.
  12. Lab. 13. Dynamics of Microheterogeneous Processes — Head Rogachev A.S., Dr.Sci., Professor
  13. Lab. 14. Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis — Head Loryan V.E., Dr.Sci.
  14. Lab. 15. X-Ray Investigation — Head Kovalev D.Yu., Dr.Sci.
  15. Lab. 16. Laboratory of High-Energy Methods for the Synthesis of Ultrahigh-Temperature Ceramic Materials — Head Grigoryev E.G., Ph.D.