Professor Vadim V. Barzykin
After graduating from the Rostov State University he moved to Taganrog to work as an assistant professor at the Institute of Electronics Engineering. In 1957 he joined the staff at the 
 hernogolovka Branch of the Institute of Chemical Physiscs, USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1970 he was appointed Head the Laborotary for Ignition of Codensed Systems. In 1979 he became the Vice Chairman of the State Council for Theory and Practice of SHS Processes, USSR State Committee on Science and Technology.
Since 1983 he has been a full professor of the Faculty of Combustion and Explosion at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He is a member of the Scientific Council for Combustion, Russian Academy of Sciences and the International Combustion Institute (Russia Section). Since 1993 he is a Regional Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis. He has authored more than 150 scientific papers and inventions.

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