Poster Session #1 - August 17 Tuesday

1.Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis from Alloys
M.Kh. Ziatdinov - Russia
2.Morphological Aspects of New Al2O3 Powders Produced
by Combustion Reaction
E.M.J.A. Pallone, M.R. Morelli - Brazil
3.MFe2O4(M = Mn, Ni, Zn) Powders Synthesized by Combustion
Reaction Technique
M.R. Morelli - Brazil
4.SHS of Stoichiometric Chromites with Spinel Structure
M.V. Kuznetsov - Russia
5.SHS of Chromium Oxyborate and Oxysilicate
M.V. Kuznetsov - Russia
6.SHS of Spinel Type Ferrites: MFe2 O4 (M = Mg, Ca, Ba, Cr, Ni, Zn)
L. Affleck, W. Cross, M.V. Kuznetsov, I.P. Parkin,
Q.A. Punkhurst - UK
7.Stochastic Modeling of SHS in Porous Systems
B.B. Khina, D.N. Loban - Belarus
8.Combustion Synthesis and Characterization
of doped LaMeO3 (M = Cr, Mn, Fe)
Q. Ming, M.D. Nersesyan, J.K. Richardson, D. Luss - USA -Russia.
9.Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis
of NiAl Intermetallic Compounds
P.D. Nicolaou, G. Xanthopoulou, G. Vekinis - Greece
10.Combustion Synthesis and Densification of Li- Based SIALONS
J A. Puszynski, R R. Korlahalli - USA
11.Effect of the Intermetallic Reactant Oxidation on the SHS Thermite
Reaction Nb2O5 + Al2Zr
A.S.A. Chinelatto, R. Tomasi - Brazil
12.The Structure of the Intermetallic Compound Ni3Al Synthesized
under Compression in a Powder Mixture of Pure Elements
V.E. Ovcharenko, O.B. Perevalova, M.V. Fedorisheva - Russia
13.Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis of Fluorides
V.E. Loryan, S.S. Mamyan, A.A. Shiryaev. Russia
14.TiC Powder Formed by Reactive Ball Milling Process and SHS
Zhao Kunyu, Zhu Xinkun, Lin Qiushi, Chen Tieli,
Cao Jianchun, Zhou Yun - China
15.SHS - Carbohydride on the Base of Ti and Ti-V
S.K. Dolukhanyan, N.N. Aghajanyan, H.G. Hakobyan,
V.Sh. Shekhtman, O.P. Ter-Galstyan - Armenia
16.Pores in the Al2o3-Tic and Al2o3-Tib2 Composites
by Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis
T.D. Xia, T.M. Wang, W.J. Zhao, T.Z. Liu - China
17.Synthesis, Structure and Some Characteristics
of the B-N-C SHS Composites
I.P. Borovinskaya, V.A. Bunin, V.T. Ponomarev,
M.Yu. Senkovenko, T.I. Ignat'eva - Russia
18.Self-Propagating Synthesis of Iron (III) Acetylacetoneate after
Mechanical Activation of a System “FeCl3-NaC5H7O2
V.D. Makhaev, A.P. Borisov, V.V. Aleshin, L.A. Petrova - Russia
19.Mechanical Activation (MA) of Silicon and its Influence on SH
Synthesis of Niobium Disilicide
O.G. Terehova, O.A. Shkoda, Yu.M. Maksimov, L.D. Chaluh - Russia
20.MASHS Process Applied to the Cu3Si Phase Formation
H. Souha, F. Bernard, E. Gaffet, M. Zencouar,
J.C. Nierce - France, Morocco
21.Characterization of Efficiency of Powder Mixing by Image
Processing. On Attaining Maximum Output of Material Synthesis in
Filtration Combustion Waves
Chien-Chong Chen, Chau-Kai Yu, Yao-Ren Liu - Taiwan
22.Study on Synthesis of Lined Ceramic Layer in Pipes Produced
by Thermit SHS Process
X.K. Du, J.J. Wang, M.H. Ye, Z.M. Zhao, L. Zhang - China
23.Effects of Physical Characteristics of Fe2O3 Powder on Combustion
Synthesis of the Thermit
M.H. Ye, J.J. Wang, Z.M. Zhao, X.K. Du, L. Zhang - China
24.The Specific Features of Layer-by-Layer Compaction of SHS Powder
Mixture in Long-Sized Shells
M.A. Ponomarev, A.S. Shteinberg - Russia
25.Evaluation of the Defects in the Ceramic Layers of Composite Pipes
by Electrochemistry NDT
Guo Zhimeng, Zhuang Fenqiang, Lin Tao, Liu Mu,
Yin Sheng - China
26.Technology to Control the Thickness of the Ceramic Layer in the
Minor-Caliber Ceramic Lined Pipe
S.H. Li, S.X. Wang, J.J. Wang, J.S. Li - China
27.Effects of Binder Phase on the Cermet Microstructure by SHS Process
Yoo-Dong Hahn, In-Hyuck Song, Jae-Ho Jeon,
Myoung-Jin Kim - Korea
28.Investigation on Corrosion-Resistance Properties of Double-Layer
Ceramic-Lined Pipes Produced by Gravitational Separation SHS
Process with Twice Coating
Z.M. Zhao, J.J. Wang, M.H. Ye, X.K. Du, L. Zhang - China
29.Manufacturing and Application of Hard-Alloy
Large-Scale SHS Items
V.L. Kvanin, N.T. Balikhina, I.P. Borovinskaya,
A.G. Merzhanov - Russia
30.SHS Long-Sized Rods Produced in Samples in Combustible
Shells for Single Crystal Growth by Plasma-Arc Melting
M.A. Ponomarev, Yu.A. Sapronov - Russia
31.Mould-Free SHS Compaction
A.M. Stolin, V.V. Kozlov, A.V. Kalugin - Russia
32.Exothermic Welding with Transient Eutectic Liquid Phases
H.J. Brinkman, J. Duszczyk, L. Katgerman - Netherlands
33.Calculation of Equilibrium Temperature in the Ideal
Detonation Wave in the Zn--S SHS System
S.I. Torunov, V.S. Trofimov - Russia Optimum Choice of Three-Parameter Expression to Approximate
Dynamic Adiabatic Curves of SHS Systems
and Other Condensed Media
V.S. Trofimov - Russia
34.Ionization of Gas in the SHS Wave
O.K. Kuzmina, L.M. Uvarov A.S Rogachev - Russia
35.The Mathematical Modeling of the High-Temperature Synthesis
of the Intermetallic Ni3Al in the Condition of Heat Explosion
of a Powder Mixture Pure Elements.
V.E. Ovcharenko, O.V. Lapshin - Russia
36.Computer Simulation of Behavior of Ni-Al SHS-System
under Impact Loading
Zh.A. Eremina, V.A. Gorelski, V.B. Nikulichev,
A.S. Shteinberg- Russia
37.Synthesis Of Ni-Al Intermetallic Powders By SHS.
F. Ibarreta, S. Vadchenko, M. Gutiurrez - Spain
38.Synthesis of Cu-TiC Composite by SHS.
Zhao Kunyu, Zhu Xinkun, Lin Qiushi, Chen Tieli,
Cao Jianchun, Zhou Yu -. China
39.Feasibility of Synthesis of Dense Nanomaterials from Mechanically
Activated Powders
F. Charlot, Ch. Gras, E. Gaffet, F. Bernard,
A.J.C. Niepce, Z. Munir -France, USA
40.Forming of Composition and Structure in SHS Processes
of Carbide-Aluminide Systems
V.A. Gorshkov, V.I. Yukhvid - Russia
41.SHS Ferrites: Technology, Production, Efficiency
P.B. Avakyan - Russia

Poster Session #2 - August 18 Wednesday

1.Pattern Formation of Combustion Waves
Chien-Chong Chen, Chia-Ling Li, Li-Wen Chung - Taiwan
2.About Mechanism of Chromium Nitriding in Combustion
B.Sh. Braverman, M.Kh. Ziatdinov, Yu.M. Maksimov - Russia
3.Electrothermographic Neutralizer of Combustion Gases from the
Internal Combustion Engine
L.B. Mashkinov - Russia
4.Chemical Stimulated Combustion in (Zr+SiO2+C) System and
Synthesis of (ZrO2+SiC) Composite Powder Containing SiC Whiskers
A.V. Kostanyan., H.H. Nersisyan, S.L. Kharatyan, R.. Orru',
D. Zedda, G. Cao- Armenia, Italy
5.Combustion Wave Propagation During SHS of BI-Layered System
Wen-bin Cao, Wei-ping Shen, Chang-chun Ge, H.E. Grigoryan,
A.E. Sytschev, A.S. Rogachev - China, Russia
6.Influence of Heating Rate on Kinetics of Rapid
High-Temperature Reactions
A. Pelekh, L. Tiers, A.S. Mukasyan, A. Varma - USA
7.Study on the Reaction Kinetics in Al-TiO2-C System
Zeng Songyan, Zhang Erlin, Yang Bo - China
8.High-Speed High-Temperature Exothermic Reactions
in Thermit Systems as Studied by Electrothermal Explosion
K.V. Popov - Russia
9.Thermal Explosion in Intermetallic Systems
E.B. Pismenskaya, A.S Rogachev, V.I. Ponomarev,
N.V Sachkova - Russia
10.Thermal Explosion in B4C-Ti and SiC-Ti Powder Blends in
Restrained Dies: Measurement of Kinetic Combustion Parameters and
M. Shapiro, I. Gotman, V. Dubko - Israel
11.Estimation of Carbon-Containing SHS-Systems Reactivity by Using
Electrothermal Explosion
K.V. Popov. V.T. Popov, V.A. Veretennikov - Russia
12.Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis (SHS) of Silicon
Carbide-Silicon Nitride Micro-Composites
Sy-Chyi Lin, R. Wilkins, Z. Henry, D. Luss - USA
13.Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Dense
NiAl/ZrO2 (3 mol% Y2O3) Composite Materials in the NiAl-Rich
K. Hirota, A. Kitaoka, M. Yoshinaka, O. Yamaguchi - Japan
14.A SHS Method for Manufacturing Dense and Functionally Gradient
TiAlx-Al Composite Materials
Shyan-Lung Chung, Jian-Ming Sung - Taiwan
15.Nitride-Oxide Ceramic Composites from SHS-Derived Powders
J. Lis, D. Kata, D. Zientara - Poland
16.Fabrication and Characterization of Mo/MoSi2 FGM by SHS
Y. Yamada, K. Shimojima, M. Nakanishi, M. Mabuchi,
N. Saito, M. Nakamura, T. Asahina - Japan
17.The Microstructure of the Reaction Synthesis Ti/TiCp Composites
Zhang Erlin, Zeng Songyan Yang Bo - China
18.Some Properties of the Multicomponent thin Films Coatings
produced by D.C. Reactive Bias Magnetron Sputtering Using SHS-
A.N. Sheveiko, E.A. Levashov, D.V. Shtansky - Russia
19.Properties of Substoichiometric Titanium Carbides.
A.V. Manukhin, P.V. Dvoretsky - Russia
20.Evolution of Microstructures in Thermal Explosion
of Equiatomic Ni-Al Mixture
A. Biswas, S.K. Roy, J.B. Singh, K.R. Gurumurthy,
S. Banerjee - India
21.Study on Structure and Property of Ti(Cr)B2 Solid Solution
Synthesized by Shs
H. Wang Z.Y. Fu W.M. Wang R.Z. Yuan - China
22.Study of the Strength-Structural Characteristics and “Preferred Size”
of Doped SHS Corundum
N.S. Pesotskaya, A.R. Katschin, V.I. Yukhvid - Russia
23.The Mechanism of Combustion and Degassing in the System
V.A. Shcherbakov, V.N. Nikogosov, G.A. Nersesyan,
S.L. Kharatyan - Russia, Armenia
24.Perforation of Steel Plate by Steel Ampoule with SHS Mixture
A.N. Gryadunov, E.A. Dobler, V.A. Gorelski, S.A. Zelepugin - Russia
25.Combustion Synthesis of TiO2-Al-SiC System Modulated by
Nanometric Particles
Qing Tang, Dengjun Zhang, Baohou Li, Fan Li, Guandong Zhang,
Jinyou Wang, Sheng Yin - China
26.The Effect of Nanometric SiC Particles on the Combustion Synthesis
of TiO2-Al-SiC System
Tang Qing, Zhang Dengjun, Li Fan, Zhu Zhenqi,
Li Wenchao, Wang Fuming - China
27.Measurement of the Impurity Gas Pressure in the Combustion Front
at SHS of Long-Sized Samples in Cylindrical Shells
M.A. Ponomarev, Yu.A. Sapronov - Russia
28.Temperature Limitation of the Phase States of Condensed Systems
and their Considerations in Technological Calculations
O.F. Shlensky - Russia
29.Relationship between Gibbs Energy and Adiabatic Temperature of
Transition Metal Carbides and Silicides
A. Martinelli, M. Ferretti - Italy
30.Influence of Orientation Elastic and Strength of Properties on
Destruction Orthotropic Materials at Impact
A.V. Radchenko, S.V. Kobenko - Russia
31.Supposed Structure of Substoichiometric Carbides and Nitrides
of IVA and VA Subgroup Transition Metals
A.V. Manukhin, P.B. Lopatine - Russia
32.Near Net-Shaped, Alkaline-Earth-Bearing Ceramics and Composites
by the Oxidation of Metal-Infiltrated Preforms
K. H. Sandhage, P. Kumar, K. A. Rogers - USA, Germany
33.The Investigation of Porous Structure for Capillary Pumps of Contour
Heat Pipes
A.A. Rasdobreev, M.Kh. Ziatdinov, Yu.M. Maksimov,
B.Sh. Braverman, V.A. Ermakov - Russia
34.Use of SHS Reactions in Refractory Alloy Fabrication
L.J. Kecskes - USA
35.SHS Method for Research of Boiling
V.N. Sanin, E.N. Rumanov, V.G. Abramov - Russia
36.CO2 Laser Systems to Investigate Combustion Synthesis Reactions
U. Anselmi-Tamburini, V. Buscaglia, C. Cao, P. Giuliani
R. Orru', C. Zanotti - Italy

Poster Session #3 - August 19 Thursday

1.SHS-Produced Nickel Catalysts
V.V. Lunin, E.H. Grigoryan, N.N. Kuznetsova,
A.V. Simonyan, V.I. Yukhvid - Russia
2.Kinetics and Mechanism of Diamond-Containing Coatings Formation
by Thermoreactive Electrospark Surface Strengthening Process
E.I. Kharlamov, E.A. Levashov, M. Ohyanagi, M. Koizumi,
S. Hosomi, Russia, Japan
3.On Stabilization of the Refractory Single Crystals Growth from SHS
Powders and Long-Sized Rods Products at Plasma-Arc Melting
M.A. Ponomarev, Yu. A. Sapronov - Russia
4.Gravity-Induced Effects in the Microstructure Formation
of the SHS Products
A.S. Rogachev, V.N. Sanin, A.E. Sytschev - Russia
5.Gravitational Effects on Liquid Flame Forming Gas-Liquid Suspension
K.G. Shkadinsky, G.V. Shkadinskaya, B.J. Matkowsky - Russia, USA
6.On Interaction of Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Chain-Branched
Mechanisms in Catalytic Combustion Reactions
V.V. Barelko, A.P. Khrusch, A.F. Cherashev - Russia
7.On the Possibility of Shock Initiating Detonation in SHS-Mixtures
S.N. Buravova - Russia
8.Effect of a DC Electrical Field on SHS of Ferroelectrics
P.I. Antipov, Yu.G. Morozov - Russia
9.A Versatile Method of Modification of Magnetic
Properties of SHS Ferrites
Yu.G. Morozov, M.V. Kuznetsov - Russia
10.Possibility of Processing Zirconium Chips by Self-Propagating High-
Temperature Synthesis
I.P. Borovinskaya, A.G. Merzhanov, V.I. Ratnikov - Russia
11.Fabrication of a Diamond-Dispersed Cemented Carbide by Induction
Field-Assisted SHS and Static Pseudo-Isostatic Compacting
M. Ohyanagi, T. Hiwatashi, I. Shimazoe, M. Koizumi, S. Hosomi
E.A. Levashov, I. P. Borovinskaya, Z.A. Munir - Japan, Russia, USA
12.Experimental Investigation of Shock Waves
in the CuO-B Pyrotechnical Mixture
A.N. Gryadunov, E.A. Dobler, A.V. Utkin - Russia
13.The Autowave Modes at Solid Phase Polymerization in Composition
Matrices on the Base Fiberglass Fillers Appreting by Metal-Containing
S.I. Evstratova, B.M. Zuev, G.I. Dzhardimalieva, V.V. Barelko,
I.E. Uflyand, A.D. Pomogailo - Russia
14.SHS-Ceramics as Effective Material for Radiation Protection
V.E. Loryan, I.P. Borovinskaya - Russia
15.Deep Oxidation of Methane Using SHS Catalysts
G. Xanthopoulou, G. Vekinis - Greece
16.Superplasticity of Mechanically Alloyed Nanocrystalline and
Amorphous Materials
M. Smirnov - Russia
17.Features of Synthesis Silicides and Carbides of
Transition Metals From Oxides in the Oxygen Reactor
V.A. Grygorian, A.V. Pavlov, A.E. Semin - Russia
18.Investigation on Field Effects during SHS Reactions
in Multilayer Systems
N. Bertolino, F. Maglia, U. Anselmi-Tamburini,
Z. Munir - Italy, USA
19.Combustion Synthesis of the Silicides of Chromium, Tantalum,
Vanadium, and Zirconium
F. Maglia, N. Bertolino, U. Anselmi-Tamburini,
Z. Munir - Italy, USA
20.Zirconia-Based Solid Solutions through SHS:
Synthesis Characterization and Mechanistic Investigations
F. Maglia, U. Anselmi-Tamburini, G. Spinolo
Z. Munir - Italy, USA
21.Conditions for Stable Propagation of SHS Combustion Wave
during Thermit Reaction Assisted Agglomeration of Iron Ore
M. Kuwabara, K. Takahashi, S. Yamada, M. Sano - Japan