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VIII International Symposium on Applications of Explosion to Preparation of New Materials (ISAEPNM-2006)

September 11-14, 2006, Moscow, Russia

Registration fee and Visa Application

Dear colleague,

The official tourist operator of ISAEPNM-2006 is the International Ecology Fund–IEF Traveller. If you need a visa support, please send your information (copy of the first page of your passport, dates of your visit, etc.) to IEF Traveller:

IEF Traveller
Leninskii pr., 42, bld. 3, office 3233
Russia 119119 Moscow
Tel.: +7 (495) 938-7319, 938-7395
Fax: +7 (495) 137-0636, 930-9956

Visa Application

If you need a visa to visit Russia, please consult with the Russian Embassy/Consulate at your place. In most cases the official invitation is required.
We are able to make invitations of 2 kinds: for the tourist visa and for the business one.
In the first case the invitation along with a voucher from the hotel can be sent to you in a few days.
Preparation of the invitation for a business visa involves the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, which takes 2–4 weeks.
Thus we advise you to apply for the tourist visa unless you need the business one to fulfill requirements of your institution, to get the financial support, etc.

Please specify in your application which kind of a visa you would like to apply for. In order to make the invitation, we need the following information for each traveler, including accompanying persons:

For the tourist invitation letter

  • accommodation request which includes hotel name, room type and dates of your visit
  • copy of the first page of your passport with the passport number and issue/expiration dates (scanned copy by email is preferable)

For the business invitation letter

  • date and place of birth
  • nationality
  • the country and the city of the Russian embassy/Consulate where you are going to obtain a visa
  • dates of your visit
  • copy of the first page of your passport with the passport number and issue/expiration dates (scanned copy)
  • your position
  • place and address of work
  • tel/fax

As to accompanying persons, we also need to know their affiliation and home address with contact phone or fax.

For children please send us copies of that pages in parent’s passport which contains information about their names, nationality, place and date of birth.

Taking into account possible delays in the Russian embassy we advise all participants to contact us as soon as possible.
The invitation can be send to you by fax, e-mail or express mail. When you go to the embassy please specify appropriate purpose of the trip: for the tourist visa and business for the business visa.

Registration fee
Registration fee for ISAEPNM-2006 was approved to be 450 euro

For payment in USD:
Beneficiary: “IEF-TRAVELLER”
Account № 40702840700009000052
With Bank “Solidarity”, Moscow, Russia (S.W.I.F.T. code SOLIRUMM)
Correspondent account # 400-919850
With JPMorgan Chase Bank, 4 Chase Metro Tech Center, 7th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11245, USA (S.W.I.F.T. code CHASUS33)

For payment in Euro:
Beneficiary: “IEF-TREVELLER”
Account № 40702978900001000052
With Bank “Solidarity”, Moscow, Russia (S.W.I.F.T. code SOLIRUMM)
Correspondent account # 0102568391
With Ost-West Handelsbank AG, Walter-Kolb-Strasse 13 , D-60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany (S.W.I.F.T. OWHBDEFF)