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Meetings and Events

VIII International Symposium on Applications of Explosion to Preparation of New Materials (EPNM-2006)

September 11-14, 2006, Moscow, Russia



This meeting was held in continuation of similar symposia organized in the 70-80s in Czechoslovakia. The renewal of this old and good tradition (now in Moscow) may be regarded as indicative of a new wave of interest in this important area of research and development all over the world.


The Symposium materials (published as a separate book) have come from one hundred experts from the republics of the former Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) and 12 other countries (Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Portugal, the Netherlands, Iran, USA, Japan). At Symposium, 48 oral and about 40 poster presentations have been made.


A distinctive feature of this Symposium was the presence of observers from leading manufacturers of clad metals by explosive welding and involved in processing of materials by explosion, such as Dynamic Materials Corp. (USA), DYNAenergetics GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), and Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp. (Japan). Contacts with these participants turned out to be of especial importance.


Of especial value were also informal contacts between the participants during the sightseeing bus tour over Moscow and the banquet held in the beautiful park of the former Stalin’s suburb residence.

The place of the next Symposium (in 2008) will be specified in the nearest future. To date, the suggestions to play host to the oncoming meeting have come from Belarus, Ukraine, and the Netherlands.

A. Deribas
O. Likhanova