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Dear Colleagues,

Due to the situation related to the pandemic outbreak and spreading of the Covid-19 viral infection all over the world, the EPNM-2020 Organizing Committee had to make the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Symposium.
We all greatly appreciate the opportunity for the contacts, exchanges, and meetings in person and hope very much that in two years the pandemic situation will improve significantly, and we will be able to meet again at the EPNM-2022 Symposium in Freiberg, Germany.
We want to thank the local part of the EPNM-2020 Organizing Committee - our colleagues and friends from the Beijing Institute of Technology - under the leadership of Professor Pengwan Chen, who did a great job in organizing and preparing for the XV EPNM Symposium in Beijing in the spring of 2020. However, life made its own unexpected and unpredictable adjustments.
More exact dates and details of the next symposium will be announced as soon as the pandemic situation stabilizes.
The Organizing Committee apologizes for any inconvenience.
We are looking forward to seeing you all in 2024 in Germany.



The Symposium is a forum for scientists, engineers and production managers active in the field of rapid processes and phenomena accompanying shock/detonation-assisted synthesis, combustion synthesis, shock-assisted modification of materials, explosive strengthening and welding of metals, and explosion-mediated consolidation of powders and composite materials for industrial-scale implementations




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