Service Center Metal Market LLC

The company aims at satisfying ever-growing demands for engineering services from large machine-building enterprises of Russian petrochemical sector. These include: integrated package arranging of big projects with metal-roll and large-dimensioned original items (bottoms, shell rings, etc.), methods engineering, rational delivery schemes, organizing necessary cooperation, etc. We offer clad bimetallic sheets and tapes in the following combinations: steelaluminum, steelniobium, aluminumtitanium, titaniummolybdenum, Ni and NiFe alloys in pair with bronze, brass, copper, nickel, etc.
We can also manufacture and supply bimetallic component parts, punched barrels 2006000 mm in diameter, tabs and cover plates up to 9400 mm in diameter, and capacitive items.
We guarantee timely delivery of high-quality products. Our adjusted links with manufacturers and well-trained personnel will help you to resolve most intricate problems on gathering required machine parts and components.

Gasgoldernaya ul. 6a, Moscow, 109052, Russia

Telephone: +7 (495) 661-6037
+7 (495) 777-7206